Europe’s leading digital company on the crafting market continues its rapid growth after Corona lockdowns


Hamburg, 30 September 2021 /EZPress/ - The Creative Club (TCC), formerly fabfab, continues its rapid growth on the digital Do-It-Yourself (DIY) market in the first half of 2021:
- Revenue in Germany up by over 70% compared to the previous year.
- TCC has grown twice as much as the DIY market and three times as much as the German e-commerce market.1
- TCC’s revenue in the Netherlands has grown by an impressive 130%.
- France is TCC`s second-biggest market: the group’s e-learning marketplace has grown by over 100% in France in the first half of 2021.
- The company reinforces its position in Europe as the leading digital creative platform.
- Further international expansion is planned. The goal is to become the global market leader in the 100 billion Euro DIY market.

fabfab (fabulous fabrics) began as an online shop for fabrics and sewing supplies. Today, the company from Germany is a digital heavyweight offering more than 30,000 physical DIY products and over 70,000 digital patterns and e-books via 15 Europe-wide online platforms, such as, and To reflect this extensive product range in the company name, the leaders renamed fabfab “The Creative Club” (TCC). Jung von Matt developed the design and identity of the brand.

Dr. Andreas Seifert, CEO of The Creative Club, about the brand relaunch: „With TCC, we are heralding a new era. A name that illustrates our community spirit and symbolises the power of creativity in many forms - in our products and in the entire company. A new global platform for creative people is emerging.”

1)bevh–Der E-Commerce-Verband, 2021

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