Bianca Nijhof appointed Managing Director Netherlands Water Partnership

Den Haag, 28 September 2018 /EZPress/ - Bianca Nijhof is a passionate and successful leader in sustainability with an extensive network across business, governmental organizations, knowledge institutions and NGOs. The last ten years she has worked in several roles within Arcadis, ranging from projects in the Netherlands like Room for the River and increasing coastal protection as part of the so-called Weakest Links (Hondbosche Pettermer Zweewering) to establishing Arcadis’ global thought leadership role on natural capital and building the brand and business around sustainability through its World Economic Forum and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) memberships.

In her role at Arcadis she has also been managing involvement in working groups as sustainable cities, water, redefining value, infrastructure & urban development and circular economy,

Before Arcadis, Bianca worked as a scientific employee at Alterra Wageningen University & Research (now Wageningen Environmental Research) as an expert in international projects on for example wise use of wetlands in China, INTERREG-project on forested water retention areas between the Netherlands, Germany and France and developed a decision support tool for the Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC).

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) forms the gateway to the Dutch Water Sector. Companies, NGOs, Knowledge Institutes and Government have joined forces in this public-private partnership, from water purification to spatial planning, from governance to land reclamation, from small scale solutions to mega structures. NWP acts as a centre of information on water expertise, policy developments and market opportunities. But NWP is more than an information source; the organization also initiates, coordinates and executes projects for its members and organizes trade missions, exhibitions and conferences.

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